Paul Ninson


Paul Ninson is a photographer and a filmmaker born in Kumasi, Ghana. He has a degree from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Industrial Art, but started his photography career four years ago as a medium of expression and a lens through which to view and solve problems

Since then, Ninson has traveled across Africa, working on personal projects that capture the women, culture and nature of Africa in a new light. In addition, he has worked for a number of non-profit organizations and agencies in Africa & USA (include names) 

Paul Ninson studied Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism at School of International Center of Photography (New York), where he was awarded The Director’s Fellowship and the George Moss Merit Scholarship. Currently, he’s building out the vision and mission of Dikan, a community-based organization built around visual arts education for Africans by Africans. Dikan means ‘to go ahead’ in his native language, and it is his dream that the center will become  a pioneer in the growth of the visual arts as a medium, leading the way for visuals to become a new tool for community development and problem-solving on the continent.

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