We live in a world where, for the first time in human history, anyone with a cell phone or an internet connection can use technology to promote nonviolent solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. To this end, we support, work with, and train leaders, activists as well as everyday citizens to better use technology for peace.

At PeaceTech Lab, we believe that everyone can use low-cost, easy-to-use, and highly accessible technology to make a difference. In addition to our global training programs and vital research, we are working to build a broader peacetech movement that inspires and engages everyday citizens around the world, through events such as the International Peace Honors.

You can learn more about our work and unique history as a nonprofit spun out from the U.S. Institute of Peace by visiting peacetechlab.org.

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Celebrating Leaders in Compassion, Innovation, and Change-Making.  

The International Peace Honors (IPH), presented by PeaceTech Lab, is a mission-driven awards ceremony celebrating the most innovative global leaders and courageous citizens using technology and media to advance peace, prosperity, and justice around the world.

The event is an opportunity to bring together a global audience through music, storytelling, and the call to use technology and media for social good. Honorees represent the depth and breadth of this cause: from business leaders and technology pioneers helping billions of people access digital information, education, and jobs, to activists, artists, musicians, and creatives who remind us that our stories can inspire the movements that change the world.

The International Peace Honors is hosted by PeaceTech Lab (PTL), an international award-winning nonprofit created by the U.S. Institute of Peace. Proceeds from the event support vital initiatives to counter hate speech and disinformation, amplify domestic efforts for racial and social justice, and prevent violence globally by harnessing the power of technology. Learn more at peacetechlab.org.


Fabian Koss,
Founder of the Inter-American Youth Development Program,IDB.
Co-Founder of KC Social Impact Lab.

Mario Cader-Frech,
Former VP Public Affairs & Corporate Responsibility of Viacom International Media Networks.
Co-Founder of KC Social Impact Lab.

John South,
President & CEO, Patrocinium Systems, Inc.

 Laura Mejia Cruz,
Co-Founder and Managing Partner,
The Dream Team Agency.

Omar Cruz,
Artist | Photographer

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